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15 Sep 2014

Eye On Energy: Hunter’s Run Development

Nearly $800 million.

That’s the price tag on a Watford City development that broke ground one year ago.

Hunter’s Run has about 150 acres of underground infrastructure in place and as Jennifer Kleen tells us, the build UP is in progress with a busy three years ahead.

Highway 23 mile marker number one is just outside Watford City.

But as the hub of the number one oil producing county in North Dakota, the city’s limits are following the highway, expanding east of town.

Crosswise from the Crossing and Bakken Village, Hunter’s Run is triple the size a development.

The 350 acre master plan community, adjacent to the east of the golf course, with more than 650 housing units going vertical this year.

(Jason Vedadi, Titanium Builders & Development) “We knew the apartments and multifamily homes would be the hot spot initially because there’s such a massive housing demand.”

Located at the intersection of Highway 23, 1806 and the new bypass, Vedadi says Hunter’s Run will also include an industrial component to feed into the overall marketplace, but it will be hidden by a natural barrier.

(Jason Vedadi, Titanium Builders & Development) “We were lucky because we had tree rows from the existing farmer so we were able to buffer that industrial from the actual community itself.”

In addition to Sweet Crude gas station, hotels,restaurants, and possible a grocery store, Hunter’s Run will feature roughly 250-300 single family homes, several hundred town homes, and 1400-1500 multi-family units with four apartment developers currently going vertical.

(Jason Vedadi, Titanium Builders & Development) “It’s actually not just taking off in one specific area, we’re actually getting a variety of developers across the board.”

The $800 million dollar value of the Hunter’s Run development is not alone in Watford City Highway 23 expansion to the east.

(Jason Vedadi, Titanium Builders & Development) “About six months ago they announced that the high school would be on this side of town which is just kitty-corner from the project. Our goal is to get as many roof tops on this side of town as we can because it hasn’t developed yet. It has the opportunity of looking like a nice clean community within the oil field.”

Highway 23’s mile-marker number one is not ‘outside of town’ for long.

In Watford City, Jennifer Kleen, KX News.

Hunter’s Run in Watford City and NorthStar Center in Williston are closely related in investment and planning partners.